GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder
GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder
GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder
GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder
GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder
GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder
GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder
GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder

GX-6F PRO™ Golf Rangefinder

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AOFAR focuses on the research and development of outdoor products especially in range finder and compass, AOFAR has first-class production technology and R&D experts. Nowadays, our products are sold all over the world and very popular. We dedicate to improve customers' outdoor life by rich experience and expertise.

1. After locking successfully, holding "POWER" button and move to closer targets(above 5 meters/6yards)can active "Continuous scan function".

2. After activating "Continuous scan function", you can use this function for 10 seconds, it can keep on scan with 10 seconds, which is the maximum work time of laser.

aofar rangefinder for golf

Golf rangefinder tournament SLOPE SWITCH-FAST AND TRUSTWORTHY: Slope can be turned on/off in compliance with golf tournament licensing regulations.It takes only 3 seconds to turn on/off the slope (just press and hold the M button for 3 seconds), easy and fast, saving time. Can be used for both golf tournaments and novice teaching. Golf tournaments can be used by simply turning off the slope to participate in the tournament, no need to spend more money on two products.

Aofar golf rangefinder

FLAG LOCK WITH CONTINUOUS SCAN-ACCURATE AND RELIABLE: When you encounter a flag that is difficult to measure, use the flag lock function.Scan from far to the flag, you will get the distance and feel the vibration while locking. After a successful lock, continue to hold down the ""POWER"" button and move to a closer target (5 meters / 6 yards or more) to activate the ""continuous scan function"".You can only read the reading of target closer than the previous target.This feature saves the time by allowing you to continue scanning to a closer flag for accurate readings after incorrectly locking onto a small object in front of the flag.Save time for you to win the golf tournament.

Aofar rangefinder for golf


Brand: AOFAR

Sport Type: Golf

Material: Plastic

Weight: 120 Grams

Dimensions(L x W x H):3.58 x 1.46 x 2.87 inches

Warranty Description:2 YEARS

Batteries: 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

Units switch: meter/yard

Package include:

Rangefinder x 1, Carabiner x 1, Cleaning Cloth x 1, User manual x 1, CarryingCase x 1, Lanyard x 1, CR2 Battery x 1

TWO-YEAR VIP WARRANTY-WORRY FREE: In order to improve product performance and bring customers a better buying and using experience, AOFAR has been constantly improving, researching and upgrading after-sales quality. It is our honor to be recognized by our customers. Our products are sold directly by AOFAR manufacturer. AOFAR offers a two-year VIP warranty and lifetime customer support.

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It can measure in meter or Yard. Thank you.

Hi dear, GX-6F PRO is more perfect in flag-lock because loaded with our new CONTINUOUS SCAN function. More power saving, faster measurement, more compact, and more beautiful appearance. AOFAR provide two years of VIP warranty support and lifetime guarantee services.

My dear friend, this GX-6F PRO loaded with our new CONTINUOUS SCAN function. That is helpful when you are not lock on flag but on some wrong aims. You can still keep scan to get the flag's right distance. We have first-class after-sales service team. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us. We offer two years of VIP warranty support and lifetime guarantee services.


FEATURES aofar rangefinder gx-6f-pro
aofar rangefinder gx-6f
aofar rangefinder gx-2s
aofar rangefinder gx-7n
Range of Measurement 5-600 yd 5-500 yd 5-600 yd 5-800 yd
Magnification 6X 6X 6X 7X
Straight line distance
Scan mode
Slope and angle
Slope switch indicator